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About Amazon Revive

Amazon Revive is an employee purchase program where Amazonions can buy refurbished hardware and equipment from our trusted Reverse Logistics partner, TES (Total Environmental Solutions). Although Amazon Revive is hosted by TES, the store is a function of the larger IT Services Reverse Logistics operations. Its intentions are to drive sustainability practices via the circular economy and salvage value from end-of-life IT equipment in creative and impactful ways. In partnership with TES, Reverse Logistics handles the disposition of all employee/client hardware that has reached end-of-life at Amazon, or assets that are no longer needed due to hardware updates or refreshes. The devices offered via Amazon Revive are refurbished, high quality, and are 100% returnable if satisfaction standards are not met. This initiative is also an important step in supporting Amazon’s Climate Pledge as it reduces e-waste via “reviving” Amazon’s retired IT equipment.

Any equipment sold on the Amazon Revive is intended for personal use as determined by the employee. Equipment is favorably discounted from its market value price, because customer satisfaction and value are of the utmost importance. All equipment is selected, tested, and graded to ensure products meet compliance standards.

The program is currently available to all US Amazon employees and Amazon subsidiary employees with Amazon credentials. Employees will be eligible to purchase up to three devices per category, per year. Growth of stock, improvements to user experience, and expansion to new geographies will be evaluated based on program utilization and direct feedback from our customers.